How do I start a Learning Session?

Learning Sessions

This mode is at the heart of your child’s personalized learning experience. Learning Sessions are stand-alone instructional units running approximately 15 minutes. During learning sessions, AILA assesses your toddler’s level of engagement, determined by physical, emotional, and auditory reactions, and uses that input to customize future sessions, delivering the right content at the right time.

While the default mode is broadcast, when your toddler is ready to learn, start
a learning session with the AILA For Parents mobile app or on AILA Sit & Play by visiting the AILA Control screen. 


Start Learning Session

The learning session will start once the current content finishes playing. During learning sessions, our AI algorithm personalizes future sessions based on your child’s level of engagement as determined by physical, emotional, and auditory reactions.

Once a Learning Session is completed, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile phone. Open the AILA For Parents mobile app and view the Learning Session Completed screen where you will receive a summary of the content and curriculum delivered during each Learning Session. You’ll also be able to rate the session, which helps us to continually improve the learning journey.