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How does AILA work?

AILA’s innovative cognitive artificial intelligence platform delivers content that adapts in real-time to a child’s interest based on their physical and emotional reactions. Designed as 10-15 minute sessions or learning modules, keeping within the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization of no more than one hour per day, the videos focus on one key concept per session using a variety of multimodal experiences. Multimodal experiences teach concepts using multiple modes. Modes are ways of communicating information in some way, including, but not limited to pictures, audio, speech, music, movement, gestures, and colors.

Each session of AILA includes curated songs, stories, an introduction to key concepts such as letters, numbers, shapes, or colors and engaging gameplay. AILA ensures a child-centered, engaging experience through its original characters, songs, and scenarios that illustrate positive interactions and behavior. 

The three modes on AILA Sit and Play allow toddlers three distinct learning experiences:

  • Broadcast mode:  The default mode for AILA Sit & Play is broadcast. In this mode, educational content follows the scope and sequence of the early preschool curriculum that provides exposure without personalization.
  • Learning Session mode: While the default mode is broadcast, when your toddler is ready to learn, start a learning session with the mobile app or by visiting the AILA Control screen on AILA Sit & Play. The learning session will start once the current video finishes. During learning sessions, our algorithm customizes future sessions based on your toddler’s level of engagement as determined by physical, emotional, and auditory reactions. Along with offering a sound introduction to learning concepts, the learning sessions offer focused learning that builds a child’s ability to pay attention. Each learning session, a stand-alone instructional unit designed to run approximately 15 minutes, follows our scope and sequence while our solution personalizes subsequent learning sessions by delivering the right content at the right time.
  • Lullaby mode: Content is curated for quiet time.