Who are the characters on Animal Island Learning Adventure?

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Mister Goose is an enthusiastic and kind teacher. He may seem a bit absent-minded at times, but we have a strong hunch that’s just an act! Mister Goose is the first to greet the child each day, he announces the day’s topic, and leads the children in circle time, storytime, and other group activities. 


Fox and Pig are 5-year-old best friends and the two oldest kids in the preschool. 


Fox is a natural leader, with a knack for turning small tasks into fun group adventures. She is full of positive energy and ideas. She’s impulsive and spontaneous. 


Pig enjoys hands-on projects and tinkering. (He also loves to dance!) He is more of a planner that Fox, ready to break bigger tasks down into smaller tasks. He loves Fox’s energy and ideas, but is sometimes thrown off by how quickly her ideas evolve.


Monkey is an energetic 4-year-old. He’s rambunctious and fun-loving—a climber of trees and rocks who is sometimes off and running before fully knowing the task at hand.


Hedgehog is the youngest at 3-years-old. She loves playing with the “big kids.” Hedgehog is sweet, cozy, and eager to learn, but can get a bit “prickly” when faced with unfamiliar situations.

Mister Frog is a good friend of Mister Goose who teaches music to the children. He enjoys traveling and has all sorts of interesting artifacts tucked away in his backpack from his travels around the world.