Can I install 3rd party apps onto AILA Sit & Play?

AILA Sit & Play does run on an Android OS, but we have customized firmware to support our early preschool program with exclusive Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) content driven by AI which adapts to each toddler’s engagement and progress. With this customized solution, AILA Sit & Play is an educational tool for parents with toddlers 12 months and up to support cognitive development, early literacy, numeracy education, social skills, and emotional growth during a toddler’s critical first three years. AILA Sit & Play has ongoing automatic updates to keep the toddler on their curriculum milestones. Therefore, we do not encourage 3rd party apps to be installed on AILA Sit & Play.  If the device is used beyond the preinstalled software, it may cause disruption of services and updates.