What are the benefits of Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play?

Peace of mind for parents. We deliver the right content at the right time. Every child has their own path of learning. As such, our algorithm is designed to create a tailored learning environment for each child. Content is pre-loaded on the AILA Sit & Play, saving parents hours of time trying to find the right content for their children. Plus, there are never any ads and the content can be streamed while offline. Please note, the camera function will not be accessible while offline and when the device is not in use.


Enriching and engaging content. The scope and sequence for every song, episode, story, character-driven interaction, and activity have been designed through a matrix of preschool skills, everyday skills, 21st Century skills, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 


This content is delivered by the fun and loving cast of Animal Island (Mister Goose, Mister Frog, Pig, Fox, Hedgehog, and Monkey). Animal Island is a fun-filled place with animal friends ready to say hello, sing, read, stop and talk, and play games. On Animal Island, there's always something to do and learn, and always an animal friend to do it with! 


The rest of the island serves as a giant outdoor classroom: from Rainbow Meadow and Coconut Cove to Friendship Forest and Sunshine Farm, each location supports situational learning, with curriculum integrated into situations, songs, conversations, and group activities.

Quality parent-child interaction. The intent of AILA is not to “teach” core concepts to the child, but rather to provide quality parent-child interaction, allowing parents to stimulate and nurture their child’s interest in key preschool concepts in preparation for more formal learning. The animated characters sing, talk, and read, inviting the parents to engage and encourage the child’s participation through two- to four-word “call-and-response” interactions.